OK, sună… foarte neplăcut, dar ideea este interesantă: “Since we are essentially meta-tagging ourselves through our social networking memberships, shopping habits and surfing addictions, it’s conceivable that the information could attempt to find us—the old concept of push media, but in a far more refined way”.

Nu știu încă dacă ar trebui să mă bucur  sau să îmi fie teamă (somehow, ideea de „spam care te găsește el singur” mă cam sperie 🙂 ). Totuși, mi-a atras atenția ceva foarte interesant din discuția de pe slashdot:

„Well, I know I’m a bit older, and slightly more paranoid about the Facebook/Myspace type social network sites….I basically have seen how things can be used against you later in life, and I wonder as the generation that has embraced these sites, and put out intimate details on their ‘wild life’, in both words and pictures, may start to shun the sites somewhat if predictions about how this information can (and I think will) be used against them in the adult world later on, when trying to get jobs, loans, and possibly other things that will increasingly use the internet/search for background information.”

Bright future, sau complete loss of privacy? Rămâne de văzut…

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  1. 2nash Said,

    May 19, 2008 @ 14:53

    (Almost) complete loss of privacy. Nu mi se pare deloc greu de stabilit. Care copil stie sau intelege in ce fel prostiile (poate nevinovate) facute intr-o anumita perioada ii vor afecta viitorul in care orice sacal media il poate vina precum un lup in tzarcul oilor. Si nu numai sacal media. Pot fi si freelanceri care-si vor face o meserie din asta… Inca n-am vazut nimic. Parerea mea. 🙂

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